We'll help you become a (more) class-inclusive workplace.

There’s one often overlooked pillar of most diversity initiatives at work: social class origin. This important pillar greatly affects how first-generation professionals (FGPs) maneuver through their careers.

Our research shows that one’s starting point profoundly impacts their well-being and career mobility even if they move into a higher socioeconomic status. Yet this revelation isn’t meaningfully addressed within the workplace.

Join us for a deep dive into this critical DEI opportunity. We’ll cover the impacts of social class origins at work, why organizations should address class diversity, and how to partner to break the class ceiling.

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This virtual event is for...

Company decision-makers

DEI leaders & advocates

Why this is worth your time.

Get caught up.

Gain insights from our Phase 1 research and how they factor into Phase 2's studies.

Grasp our goals.

Our Phase 2 study is more comprehensive so we need to hear from other groups.

Know your role.

Learn what we need from organizations to make this research phase a success.

Get involved.

For white-collar professionals, understanding and harnessing their own social class origins can impact their career potential and well-being.

For DEI-forward organizations, you may be unknowingly excluding high-potential, innovative talent from leadership roles. Our online event and discussion will help fill the diversity gap for first-gen talent and their advocates.

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