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Thanks for your interest in driving a greater understanding of class diversity in the workplace. We're looking for organizations to amplify our upcoming survey and individuals to participate in our research.

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Grassroots research driving workplace inclusion.

Our primary goal with our Phase 2 study is to understand how a person's socioeconomic background impacts their professional career mobility.

Research Background

As of 2022, most diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives at the workplace primarily focus on race and gender. While notable strides have been made in DE&I, socioeconomic class has largely been left out of the conversation.

First-Gen Talent founder, Bernice Maldonado, wants to bridge this gap. In 2019, she led a groundbreaking study on first-generation professionals (FGPs). As a woman of color and FGP herself, she ideated, funded, and directed this research as a grassroots project.

While our 2019 study investigated the broader FGP workplace experience, our second phase of research will focus on the career mobility of FGPs and non-FGPs.

2022 Study

  • Workplace Culture: How do organizational practices impact the upward mobility of professionals from differing socioeconomic backgrounds?
  • Race Intersection: How, if at all, does FGP career mobility differ based on race or ethnicity?
  • Class-Inclusive Practices: How can workplace customs become more inclusive to class diversity?


We’ll conduct a 10-15 minute anonymous online survey with U.S.-based individual professionals. Participants can opt-in to a confidential phone interview if they want to share more of their insights. We welcome both FGPs and non-FGPs to participate so that we can generate and analyze comparative data.

Amplify our research as an organizational ally.

We're seeking the allyship of businesses, nonprofits, community groups, alumni associations, and other organizations to help us reach U.S.-based professionals to participate in our grassroots study.

How you can help...

Simply send out one (1) announcement and one (1) reminder inviting your employees/members to participate in the survey. We’ll provide you with everything you need - all you’ll have to do is copy and paste. To be clear: we are not asking for financial support.

What's in it for you...

Help make a tangible difference during this next wave of DE&I advocacy. By supporting our research, you'll be an ally and amplifier for class inclusivity in the workplace. To show our appreciation for your help, you’ll also get access to the full report of our findings, analyses, and recommendations.

Get involved as an ally...

If your organization wants to support our efforts, please fill out our short allyship form. We'll then grant you access to the materials to share with your network.

Share your lived experience & support our grassroots effort.

We invite individual professionals from all industries and socioeconomic backgrounds (FGPs and non-FGPs) to participate in our study.


Join our study.

As a U.S.-based professional, you can share your experiences in our study as a research participant. Get started here and we’ll reach out once our survey is ready later this summer.

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Take the survey.

As a participant, we'll send you an anonymous online survey. It'll take you just 10-15 minutes to complete. Participants can opt-in to a phone interview.

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Get the results.

Survey participants will receive the findings and recommendations. Our goal is to make our research accessible and provide practical ways to drive change.

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Meet the team

Bernice Maldonado

First-Gen Talent Advocate & Founder of the FGP Research Project

Martha Burwell

DEI Expert & Lead Researcher on the FGP Research Project

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Get involved to make a difference.

To learn more about our Phase 2 study and what to expect as an organizational ally or individual participant, join us for a free webinar this June and we'll get you up to speed.

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