In search of social class inclusivity & equity.

We'll be surveying a wide range of professionals.

Our Goal

Understand how socioeconomic class background impacts career mobility of professionals. 

Our Areas of Focus

  • Organization Practices: How is the career mobility of professionals from differing social class backgrounds impacted?
  • Intersection with Race: Do professionals experience career mobility differently based on race or ethnicity?
  • Class Inclusive Practices: How can workplace practices become more inclusive to class diversity?

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Anonymous survey

Respondents are sourced through grassroots outreach and the survey takes 10-15 mins to complete.

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Phone interviews

For in-depth, qualitative data, some survey respondents are interviewed based on recurring themes.

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Intersectional analysis

A deep evaluation surveying and interviewing studies that focuses on how socioeconomics influences career mobility.

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Imagine a more class-inclusive workplace.

It's now abundantly clear to us that one’s starting point profoundly impacts their career mobility. Yet this topic isn’t really being addressed within the workplace, so professionals' well-being continues to decline.

Join us in May for a deep dive into this DE&I obstacle into an opportunity. We’ll cover the impacts of social class origins at work, why this matters, and how you can get involved in our Phase 2 research.

Coming soon